Guava Mojito / Passion Fruit Sparkler

La Cocina Goya

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fresh mint leaves 

1 tsp.


1 can (9.6 oz.)

GOYA® Guava Nectar

1 tbsp.

club soda 

3 oz.

white rum (optional)


An authentic Cuban cocktail, with a guava twist!

For a sweet take on a classic drink, try this refreshing guava mojito! Here, GOYA® Guava Nectar (natural guava juice) is mixed into the traditional mojito mixture of mint, sugar and lime. Take a sip and let yourself become transported to the tropics!


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Step 1

In cocktail shaker, or in tall glass, add mint leaves and sugar. Using a wooden pestle, muddle mint with sugar until mint is bruised.

Step 2

Add nectar, lemon juice, club soda and rum, if desired. Shake until combined.

Step 3

Evenly divide guava mojito into two tall glasses with ice. Serve immediately.

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