Goya Gives Teams Up With Consulates in Los Angeles: Together We Are Stronger

La Cocina Goya


Despite the heat wave in Los Angeles, dedicated volunteers from the Consulates of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico, and the Power of One Foundation packed and distributed 20,000 pounds of food to families in Los Angeles. Thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo we held a drive thru food giveaway for over 2,000 cars, placing bags and boxes filled of food into the trunks of cars of families struggling to keep food on the table for their loved ones. Thank you to all who helped and braved the heat to make this incredible day possible! #GOYAGIVES #simplyhelpfoundation #cghla #catrachosenaccion #tricamexlax #accionconsularhn #QueSueneGuate #GtEnLAX