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Welcome the holiday season and create your menu with a delicious selection of recipes for an unforgettable celebration. Find classic traditional dishes with authentic Latin flavor, and easy-to-prepare original dishes; whether the celebration is large or small, you will find everything you need here to please even the most demanding palates: rich and sophisticated appetizers, succulent main courses, delicious side dishes, and even desserts and drinks. Happy holidays!

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Festive Appetizers with Delicious Olives

Start your celebration with a delicious selection of appetizers prepared with the unique flavor of olives, from tapas and dips to flaky pastries.

Festive Dishes for an Unforgettable Dinner

Amaze your guests by preparing a delicious main dish. Prepare favorites, such as traditional turkey, a delicious pork shoulder or a succulent roast.

Sweeten The Holidays with The Magic of a Delicious Dessert

This holiday season, desserts are a must. Get in the holiday spirit by preparing favorites such as a delicious and classic flan, pies, cheesecakes, cakes and many more delights.

More Favorites to Celebrate

Discover our fantastic selection of festive cocktails and drinks, side dishes, pumpkin recipes, creamy soups, sweet gift inspirations, and other traditional recipes to complement your festive holiday menu.