Roman Beans

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GOYA® Roman Beans, also known as “cranberry beans,” is a variety of beans very similar to cranberry, saluggia, borlotti, or cargamanto beans; and they’re part of the great variety of beans that GOYA® offers you. These delicious and creamy beans are very popular in different cuisines around the world, including Latin American countries like Colombia and the Dominican Republic. They’re perfect for preparing a variety of dishes such as stews, soups and chilis; They are also prepared easily and quickly since they come ready to use. Just open a can and add them to your recipes. These beans are an excellent and delicious option in vegetarian diets.


Delight yourself with the tasty GOYA® Roman Beans, and remember that to prepare the best dishes, you need the best ingredients.


• Excellent source of fiber

• Good source of iron

• Good source of potassium

• Fat free

• Cholesterol free

• Soy free

• Non-GMO

• Vegan

• Kosher

• Gluten free

• Size: 15.5 oz. and 29 oz.

Gluten Free

0g Trans Fat


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