Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our gourmet GOYA® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend  of the Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties of olives from  Andalusia, Spain. It has an intense fruity green aroma, with  notes of herbs, hints of tomato, apple, green almonds and  artichokes. It is harmonious and elegant, giving you an  extrasensory experience in every meal. It is best enjoyed raw to  savor its natural flavor, perfect when paired with bread, as a  dressing on green salads, soft cheese, or to drizzle over your  favorite soups and dishes. 

GOYA® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been ranked among the top five best organic olive oils worldwide for its premium quality and outstanding flavor. It also holds multiple international awards, and the ChefsBest® Excellence Award for its overall quality and taste*.


• 0g Trans fat. No sodium.

• Kosher and gluten free.

• USDA Certified Organic.

• Size: 17 oz.

Gluten Free

0g Trans Fat


<span>Winner of the ChefsBest<sup>®</sup> Excellence Award for overall quality.</span>

Winner of the ChefsBest® Excellence Award for overall quality.*

NAOOA Quality Seal

NAOOA Quality Seal

Foods from Spain

Foods from Spain

Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.

Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.§

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*Products must earn the ChefsBest® Excellence Award by surpassing quality standards established by professional chefs.

†Quality seal for olive oils, granted by the North American Olive Oil Association. This quality seal is the only olive oil certification that takes off-the-shelf samples and tests them to check the full range of purity parameters in the global commercial standards established by the International Olive Council (IOC).

‡Spain occupies a prominent place as the world’s leading producer and exporter. Our great diversity of olive varieties has given rise to a range of unique olive oils in the world, and this factor, coupled with the latest technologies and most modern development processes, results in the highest quality oils.

§Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.

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