Low Sodium Chick Peas

Low Sodium Chick Peas

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Chick peas are a favorite ingredient in many different kitchens around the world, from India to the Middle East and all the way to Latin America. They have a slightly nutty taste, a buttery texture and are super versatile! Use them to make a variety of soups, salads, chili and stews, and popular recipes like hummus or falafel. Enjoy them in this low sodium version, with the same great taste you already love. They contain fiber, iron and potassium, and they’re cholesterol and gluten free.


• Low sodium – now with sea salt 
• No fat
• 0g Trans Fat
• No cholesterol 
• Good source of fiber
• Good source of iron and potassium
• Kosher
• Gluten free
• Sizes: 15.5 oz., 29 oz.

Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.

Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.*



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*Evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute.

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