Brookshire, Texas

Aug 10, 2020

Working for Our Country #GoyaGivesCourage


During a Goya Gives, “Working for our Country” event at Goya’s Brookshire, Texas manufacturing and distribution facility, former United States Marine Mark “OZ” Geist joined local business leaders in presenting the company with a cash donation to go towards stocking food pantries in Central, Texas.


“I recognize and applaud the Goya families’ courage and sacrifice in not surrendering to fear in the face of the invisible enemy by continuing to work and ensure not only their own prosperity but that of our nation,” said American Hero Mark Geist.


Goya Gives, with overwhelming support from consumers, business leaders, community, and faith-based organizations, has been able to extend its arms far beyond what was initially thought possible.  “I am truly pleased to support a company who has worked through this pandemic at a time when economic activity and education around the globe has come to an abrupt halt. We are proud to join others in providing much-needed food and nourishment to those in need,” said Mike Brannon, CEO of Brannon Industrial Group, who led the group presenting the donation.


“I thank Goya and its employees for keeping our critical food supply stocked and plentiful.  I am humbled to play a part by supporting Goya Gives,” said Rick Figueroa, Business and Community Leader.


“We are grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support for our Goya family from our consumers and friends alike. We are proud of our courageous workforce who heroically proclaimed, ‘If we don’t step up, who will?’  Most importantly it is humbling for these courageous Goya family members to be recognized by a true American hero,” said Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods. 


Through Goya Gives, a global program committed to promoting the overall well-being of communities through social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and company values, Goya supports each year nearly 300 charitable endeavors, scholarships, and events.  In times of desperate need, Goya has always been at the forefront of disaster and humanitarian relief efforts, providing millions of pounds of food worldwide.  At the start of the pandemic, the company donated an additional 500,000 pounds of food and 20,000 protective masks to health care providers. During Hurricane Maria Goya donated over 1 million pounds of food to the people of Puerto Rico, in addition to the starving people of Venezuela during governmental unrest, to the people of Haiti during the earthquake, and at home during Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricanes Isaac, Harvey, and Irene.  Since 1936, giving back is the heart of Goya and has always been a part of the company’s DNA.  


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