Jersey City, New Jersey

Sep 14, 2020

Company Shares Emergency Planning Tips in Recognition of National Preparedness Month


In recognition of FEMA’s National Preparedness Month this September, Goya Foods, Inc. is encouraging communities across the U.S. and in storm-prone areas to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies, such as the ongoing global pandemic. Since March, Goya, with its longstanding history of aiding disaster relief efforts through its Goya Gives program, continues to distribute more than 4 million pounds of food globally to families impacted by extreme weather conditions as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reiterating guidance shared by FEMA, Goya recommends:

  • Make a plan with your loved ones about how to stay in touch throughout a natural disaster and what your family will do when faced with one.
  • Build a supplies kit that will last you and your loved ones for several days after a natural disaster or in the event of future stay-at-home restrictions.
  • Prepare ahead of time by learning about the risks in your area and tracking storm updates and COVID-19 cases in your state.
  • Instill the importance of preparedness with children and teens by engaging them in your planning process.


In addition, Goya also suggests that people familiarize themselves with local resources, such as shelters and food banks, that are available to help the community recover during a time of crisis. Goya routinely partners with such organizations to ensure those who are displaced or in need are provided with healthy, nutritious food during their most trying times.


“Supporting the communities that we serve is in Goya’s DNA,” said Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods. “This year, with several strong hurricanes already making landfall, and the ongoing public health crisis, our commitment to helping those in need is stronger than ever. This includes leveraging our resources and partnerships through the Goya Gives program to not only donate food to those who need it most but also encouraging families to plan ahead and be prepared to handle emergency situations.” 


Goya’s recent donations are part of its national campaign Working for Our Country #GoyaGives, which has distributed more than four million pounds of food to communities throughout the U.S., Venezuela and Mexico since March. Through Goya Gives, a global program committed to promoting the overall well-being of communities through social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and company values, Goya supports nearly 300 charitable endeavors, scholarships, and events each year.


In times of need, Goya has been at the forefront of disaster and humanitarian relief efforts, providing millions of pounds of food worldwide. At the start of the pandemic, the company donated 200,000 pounds of food to charitable organizations, food banks and pantries and soup kitchens, and 20,000 protective masks to healthcare workers. During Hurricane Maria, Goya donated more than one million pounds of food to the people of Puerto Rico. Additional past donations include aiding the people of Venezuela during governmental unrest, supporting the people of Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, and assisting the public responses to Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricanes Isaac, Harvey, and Irene. Since Goya’s founding in 1936, and the creation of Goya Gives, it’s been the company’s priority to give back to communities.


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