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GOYA® Masarepa

GOYA® Masarepa is a high-quality pre-cooked corn meal, the perfect ingredient to prepare a variety of recipes with the subtle flavor of corn. This Colombian and Venezuelan favorite gives life to the famous arepas, empanadas, tamales, breads, and many more authentic dishes. Discover what you can make with the delicious flavor of Masarepa!

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Choose from two varieties of GOYA® Masarepa

Prepare countless recipes with the fantastic taste of GOYA® Masarepa: Pre-cooked White Corn Meal and Pre-cooked Yellow Corn Meal, both of which are good sources of vitamin B, are high in folate, have no preservatives, and are gluten-free. Just choose your favorite.

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Enjoy tasty recipes made with Masarepa

Prepare the most delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the distinct flavor of GOYA® Masarepa. Discover how to prepare delicious arepas, empanadas, cakes, breads, and other delicacies step-by-step.

Flavorful meals step-by-step

Prepare delicious homemade dishes easily with versatile GOYA® Masarepa. You'll be amazed by its delicious flavor and simple preparation.

How to make arepas

Arepa with Chicken and Avocado - Arepa Reina Pepiada

Colombian Beef and Pork Empanadas

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GOYA® Masarepa is a great ally in the kitchen

GOYA® Masarepa is a practical and versatile ingredient. It is a pre-cooked corn meal, finely ground, ideal for making a variety of recipes such as arepas, empanadas, tamales, breads, and more. It is the perfect way to give authentic flavor to your dishes.



Arepas and stuffed arepas

The arepa is one of the favorite and most versatile recipes in Latin cuisine. Considered the national dish of Venezuela and one of Colombia's favorites, a different variety can be found in every corner of the country. This delicious dish is prepared with pre-cooked corn meal, which is kneaded and shaped into a disk, then grilled or fried as the recipe indicates; like the Arepa de Huevo which is typical of the Colombian coast. You can also stuff them, and depending on the stuffing, the arepa will receive its name, such as the Arepa Reina Pepiada, stuffed with chicken salad, or Arepa Domino which is stuffed with black beans. The varieties are countless and arepas pair very well with everything, or you can also eat them on their own. They are the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even as a replacement for bread.



Empanadas and Pasteles

Empanadas are a favorite Latin snack. The name comes from the Spanish word empanar, which means to wrap in bread. To make them we simply use pre-cooked corn meal, knead it, and flatten it, forming a thin layer of dough over a filling, which can be beef, pork, chicken, seafood, or a variety of vegetables. Empanadas are also known as "pasteles", as they are called in Central America, but are a little bigger than the typical empanada.



Tamales and Hallacas

Tamales are synonymous with celebration, considered a typical dish in many parts of Latin America, especially for Christmas and New Year's celebrations. The recipes as well as the name, vary according to the country since in Venezuela and in some parts of Colombia they are called hallacas. Usually, its preparation begins with pre-cooked corn meal, which is kneaded and then used to wrap a filling such as beef, pork, or chicken, plus vegetables and other savory ingredients like olives that are part of the hallaca. Finally, everything is wrapped in banana leaves, which are usually found in the refrigerated area of supermarkets.



Variety of Breads

You'll be amazed at the variety of breads you can make with GOYA® Masarepa. Prepare dishes with the subtly sweet flavor of corn, such as a fluffy homemade corn bread that is traditionally cooked in a cast iron skillet, or crunchy CarimañolasMeat Stuffed Yuca that are combined with yuca and stuffed with meat and cheese; a very typical breakfast in Colombia and Panama.

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